Recipes that reflect a love and respect for animals 


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Hi, my name is Clara.  This is the website for my new cook book!! It is full of yummy recipes - all the things I like to eat, and nothing I don't.  There's a taste of everything - mexican, indian, turkish...puddings, dinners and dippy things.  Your mum will also be happy with these recipes, because they have lots of the best sorts of foods in them.  

My recipe book is for people who have ever thought about eating less (or no) meat, but were worried the family wouldn't like it...or that kids can't be vegetarians.

I love animals and I don't think we should kill animals to make our food.  You can still lead a very happy life without killing animals but some people worry about not getting enough iron, or that meals without meat won't be delicious.  

When I first became a vegetarian, I wrote to the Prime Minister to ask him to change the law to stop animals being killed for food.  He did write back to me, but nothing changed.  Mum said that people would have to change what they think about killing animals before the government would change a law like that.  So when I was 6 I decided to write a recipe book with delicious, healthy, easy dinners and puddings in it so that people would see that you can be healthy and happy without eating meat.

I started off doing collages of the pages, and getting mum to type up all the recipes.  It has taken me four years to finish the collages, and for us to get the book ready to be published, but now it's done!  Here are some pictures of some of the collages I did.

I hope you can come to the Official Book Launch at Boric Orchards, Main Road, Kumeu on Saturday 17 October at 9.00am.  There will be tastings from recipes that are in the book, book signing (by me!) and hopefully some of my animals for you to meet.

If you'd like to see photos and videos of our animals, and pictures from the recipe book please go to our Facebook page .

Mum and I would like to thank David Faulls of Express Communications Limited for the excellent scanning, typesetting, and general hand holding.